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5 Beauty Effect of Burdock Root

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Burdock root is one of popular food you can find in Asian traditional cuisine. In Japan, it has been cultivated as a major root herb since over two thousand years ago and people have realized some good effect of burdock root on their body.

5 main good effect

1. Relieving constipation
Burdock root is fiber-rich food that helps maintain bowel health. Also, Burdock root contains oligosaccharide and it normalizes your bowel movement.


2. Preventing aging
Burdock root contains a high amount of Saponin which is a group of natural carbohydrates and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. That helps to protect cells against damage from exposure to oxygen and could keep you younger.


3. Eliminating swelling
Have you heard about Inulin that is a class of dietary fibers? Burdock also contains it. Inulin has an osmotic diuretic effect and gets rid of waste products in the form of urine. That could work well before or during your period that tends to get your face and body swollen.


4. Improving hormonal balance
Well-balanced hormons will make you more beautiful. Also excess hormons is said to be the cause of body disorders. Burdock is able to help the liver metabolize some hormones and regulate hormonal activity in the body.


5. Promoting beautiful skin
The high toxicity in the blood or poor dietary habits will cause skin inflammation such as pimples, acne, rashes.Burdock root is also known as one of the finest healing herbs to cleanse the blood.


These benefits are the reasons why Burdock roots are popular among health-conscious girls even now. On the next aricle, I’ll introduce how to make Burdock tea!


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