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Why Mustard Is Must Have If You Want To Look Beautiful


95% of the world’s population wants to look beautiful and, therefore, try any way perceived to be a source of beauty including; use of chemicals, plastic surgery and maintaining the best food diet. Mustard is a paste obtained from crushing mustard plant seeds that are smeared on hotdogs and hamburger to make them sweeter. Other than this, mustard can be bought over the counter in the form of oil and mustard seeds. The oil form can be used to make one shine like a star, a dream of everyone in the world especially ladies. Mustard is well recognized in the global internet magazine as a solution to beauty issues. Below are the beauty functions of mustard that makes it must-have to look beautiful;


1. Removing outer face mask

Lemon juice and vinegar found on the condiment form of mustard are mildly acidic which makes them suitable for exfoliation of the outer skin on your face. It also acts as skin brighteners that help get rid of spots caused by ultra-violet rays. A thin layer of mustard is applied on the face then left for about 3-5 minutes to allow dissolution of the dead cells on the skin surface. After that, the face is rinsed with clean water. Before you apply the mustard on your face, test it on your arm to see the degree of acidity. This will help you prevent cases where excess acid burns the entire skin instead of a simple exfoliation. The lemon juice also helps in dealing with oily skin since it absorbs excess oil from the skin.

2. Provides a soothing body bath

Apart from the mustard being used as oil, it can also be used as a bathing detergent. Some tablespoons of mustard condiment are added to bathing water. Tablespoons of Epsom salt is then added, then stir the water using your hands to disperse the additives in the water as much as possible. Soak in the solution for at least 20 minutes then take the normal shower after that. Bathing with it provides a soothing sensation that reduces stress that would reduce your beauty by bringing a frowning stressed face. It also makes the skin healthier promoting beauty. Note that the water used to make the solution should be warm.

3. Provides a relaxing foot bath

Most people go to pedicure specialists to treat their feet and make them beautiful. However, that entire struggle can be solved by the mustard application. A solution of warm water and mustard is simply prepared then soak your feet in it for as long as the water will remain warm. Use a scraping stone to scrape your feet gently to remove corns and callous then rinse with clean, warm water. This will leave you with the most appealing result of your feet.

4. It acts as a hair conditioner

Apart from the skincare that the mustard offers it also promotes healthy hair that makes heads turn when you pass by. Apply the mustard oil on your scalp and make sure you thoroughly massage the scalp to the roots of the hair because it contains skin care diagnostic tools. The most appropriate time for this is at night just before you retire to bed. Put a shower cap on you head to prevent the oil from being absorbed by your beddings. In the morning, clean your hair with warm water and shampoo. This will make your hair soft and amazingly good looking.

5. It is a moisturizing face massage oil

Aside from using mustard as a detergent for cleaning your skin, it is also massage oil for your face. Massaging the skin with this oil makes it moisturized and glowed. A small circular motion applied during massage enhances blood circulation within the skin. This ensures the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells making it look alive and healthy. After around 13 minutes of massage, wipe away mustard oil using cotton balls and use warm water to wash off excess oil. Just like any other application of mustard oil on the body, try the oil first on your wrist to determine whether the contents will react negatively with the skin. Always use the mustard essential oil rather than the cooking one to prevent cases of negative reaction.


Skin and hair beauty are the major contributors to the general beauty of an individual. Mustard is, therefore, a must-have if you want to look beautiful because it is a source of the solution to both skin problems and hair as explained above. It also makes the feet match the beauty of the hair and skin which brings one close to perfection. In the internet global magazine, mustard has been ranked among the best beauty substances. Try it yourself!

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