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Review on Awesome Spa Experience @ Selfology Spa

We got a review from Yurie Hoyoyonn who is an illustrator in Vancouver!

Awesome Spa Experience @ Selfology Spa ♥

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I’d like to share some awesome massage experience at [Selfology Spa] on Granville Street in Vancouver.
My massage practitioner was this cute lady; Katie♥


All Organic & Local Products

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Selfology Spa uses all organic & local products. They use fresh brown seaweed from Vancouver Island. It didn’t irritate my somewhat sensitive skin (I usually don’t use too much cosmetics because of it) which was great. The owner told me that he use this products every day, and his skin looked so plump – I couldn’t believe that he was older than me!! This convinced me that these are good products…

Customized Massage & Spa Plan

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After the consultation, Katie suggested me this customized plan; Intensive Eye Care (for my computer irritated eye strain) with facial massage, shoulder & neck massage, and deep scalp massage (for my desk work tired upper body). She asked me if I’d be okay to have a messy hair after the deep scalp massage – such a caring mind! Just by consulting with her and listened her customized plan makes my strain go away already…

The bed was comfy and the blanket was softest… let the precious time begin (^^♪
It was a great touch to have hot towels on feet to ease and relax at first! Her massage technique was amazing, tapping speed and strength was perfect. After detailed and careful double cleansing & detox, Katie gave me hand gommage peeling to make my skin shiny and smooth!
I usually find scrubbing items too strong for my skin, but the product they use seems to have finest particles and Katie’s careful hand buffing technique was rather comforting

While I get a moisturizing facial pack, Katie gave me some massages… it’s like being Heaven

All of the products she used didn’t irritate my skin, and I appreciated that they didn’t have any perfumes.

After the 60 mins spa & massage experience, my skin was radiant, soft, and plump! I think I got a bit younger!?

I absolutely recommend Selfology Spa!! Make sure to book Katie!!

Awesome Spa Experience @ Selfology Spa ♥

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Review from:Yurie Hoyoyon 
An illustrator in Vancouver. Her specialty is portraits of people and pets in line drawing cartoony style. Check out her artworkshere.

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