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Skin care in Summer Mediterranean Country

I spent the month of June 2015 in Cyprus, a beautiful island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. The last time I went to Cyprus was 14 years ago. This trip was the 4th time I have been to Cyprus. Needless to say, I love the place!

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I went there to go scuba diving, to enjoy the Mediterranean summer, and to enjoy meeting my friends again after a long separation.

I moved from Tokyo to Victoria in September 2008. The sun in Western Canada is not very strong, so it is difficult to get a nice tan. In Cyprus, however, it is easy to tan, in fact, you have to be careful not to overdo it. It is easy to get sunburnt. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

If you do happen to get a sunburn, it is critical to take proper care of it or it can cause lasting damage. Failure to do this can result in inflammation and dryness of the skin.

I spent a lot of my time in Cyprus scuba diving, so by late afternoon my skin was very dry. I used sunscreen during the day, and at night I used a good cleansing cream to remove the sunscreen. It is important to take care of a sunburn as quickly as possible, since skin damage can go deeper as time goes on.

Skin care in Summer

What worked well for me was a product called Ahava,which is a natural body mud from the Dead Sea in Israel. It contains magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals such as Iron. The mixture is a result of thousands of years of work by Mother Nature. I used it all over my face, neck, arms, and upper back. I washed it off in the shower after leaving it on me for 15 minutes. I was very pleased with the result: my skin felt soft and silky, and I felt a rich warm glow.


Another product I really love is Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil. It is pure Rose Hip oil, made using a cold-press process. It is rich in Oleic Acid, and Vitamins A.C, and E. You can use it anytime of the year, not just during the summer.

Sukin Rosehip Oil

Finally, before going to bed, I used a product called Yakushido Horse Oil. It is a cream made from the sweat gathered from the back of horses. I know it sounds weird, but is extremely effective. It has been in use in Japan for many centuries, coming originally from China. It is great for anti-oxidation, killing bacteria, promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation. It has marvelous penetrating power, so it helps even the deep layers of the skin.

Sonbahyu Cream

I used it twice every day, morning and evening, on the face and neck.

Using these three products, I was able to enjoy the whole month of June in Cyprus free from sunburn, itchy skin, dryness and irritation!

Naomi Healy

2008年9月からカナダ人の主人とビクトリア市に住んでいます。趣味は漫画を読むこと、日本のテレビを見ること、アマゾン日本での買い物、ポールダンス、エアリアルフープのレッスンを受けること。その他は、可愛い物、猫と食べることが大好きです。もちろん美容にも関心があり、お金をかけなくても効果のあるコスメを使って自分なりに良かった物を紹介していきます。Hello everyone, my name is Naomi Healy and live in Victoria, BC since 2008 September with Canadian husband. My hobby are read japanese manga, watch japanese TV, on line shopping(Amazon Japan), take pole dance and aerial hoop lesson. Also I love pretty, cute things, cat and eat the foods. I'm very interest in latest beauty products and tips. I'd like to introduce the skin care and make up productus which are not expensive and effective producuts.

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