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When your hair grows, you cut it, dye it, or get a perm to manage difficult hair. Naturally, we endeavor to give the kind of service that adds extra quality and value as we help customers solve their hair-related problems. At Alpha, we cherish a sense modesty that allows us to really listen to the needs of our customers while proactively incorporating the newest and best technology and knowledge. Our method of cutting can reduce damaged hair and improve its management, making daily repair easy.

At our salon, we will not be remiss in striving to polish our sensibility, improve our technique, and seek out the best therapeutic products designed for damaged hair and scalps. In addition, we are forever mindful of the 3 D’s (Design, Delight, and Diligence), and will work hard to ensure full customer satisfaction. Feel free to consult us in either English or Japanese at your convenience.

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Location:818 Homer Street Vancouver

Business Hours: Mon - Sun 10:30am - 7:00pm

Phone: 604-682-1555

Website: http://www.alphadhairsalon.com


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