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6 ideas about Summer Nail Art & Tips

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Compete on Nail art in this SUMMER!!
Discover the idea from instagram and Get tips to create your own nail art.


Tips for Nail art.

Here is some easy ways to create your Nail Art using some familiar tools in your life. Try them!

Gradation nail
photo from http://www.stylen.jp/archives/3666493.html
1 – Line up some colors on cellophane
2 – Instill them in the sponge
3 – Place lightly the sponge to your nail
4 – Repeat several times
5 – Wipe the protruding part with a cotton swab

Random Dot

photo from http://youresopretty.com/diy-beauty-tips-and-tricks/#
1 – Put some color on plate
2 – Put a toothbrush in color
3 – Place the bristle tips of a toothbrush to your nail

Using Washi tape


1 – Cut the Washi tape into an appropriate length
2 – Put the tape on your nail and remove the protruding part
3 – Cover your nail with topcoating

desing ideas from instagram

Here is 6 idears for Nail Art were posted by Asian girls and Nail salon in Japan. Those idears should be adequate for your purpose!

Using Ocean(summer) motif


Paisley pattern
Using a thin brush….it is easiler than you thought.

Natural stone
Turquoise color makes your nail Summery.



Embroidery Nail
Cute and yours individuality stands out.



Moroccan Tile
Did you see such a Fantastic pattern? I like them!

Pressed Flower
People may think your nail looks cool.



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