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Self-Made Wedding Makeup

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It’s good to have a professionally made face on your wedding day, but you can also enhance your beauty and style if you can perfectly do your makeup for the greatest day. In reference to Jenna Menard, a makeup artist based in New York City, you need more makeup than usual, especially if it going to last the whole day and stay beautiful. Luckily, you can enhance the appearance of your normal skin using some of the important tips from current lifestyle news.

With a good quality moisturizer, you will have a friend make snap photos until you come out the way you want.



● Smart essentials like brushes
● Sponges for calming jittery fingers
● Makeup removers for fixing smudges
● Eyelash curler
● Absorbing papers
● Relief formula to brighten your eyes
● Cleanser and washcloths
● Lip treatment

1 Start with Your Skin

Cleansing should be the first step in every skin care treatment routine intended to boost your beauty and style. Same as with a well-built house, you should use a solid foundation or best skin brightening creams to ensure that your makeup will stand the test of time, until the night of celebrating.

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2 Prepare Your Canvas

Irrespective of whether you have a dry, oily or normal skin type, you should apply an oil-free cream or lotion to get a dewy instead of a shiny finish. A good quality moisturizer will also help to keep your skin hydrated for the better part of your wedding day. Don’t forget to tap on a lightweight eye gel to diminish and smooth fine lines.

3 Prime Using Fingers

Applying a primer with the help of your fingers helps to blur deep pores and evenly spread makeup to last longer, according to Menard. Latest lifestyle news anchors and stylists recommend mattifying primer for oily to normal skin types as it lasts for longer hours.

4 Sponge Foundation and Apply Concealer

To cover up your foundation, drop a small amount of liquid base at the back of your palm. Dip a damp sponge and start to work from the middle of your face, where the skin is usually reddest. Work out toward your ears, ensuring that you don’t touch your eyelids. In reference to makeup artist Heather Currie from Los Angeles, use a creamy kind of concealer on your eye area and a drier one to enhance your beauty and style on blemishes.

5 Brush on Powder

Using a translucent version of a powder, dust your T-zone to absorb oil while keeping the rest of your skin fresh for an enhanced glow, says Rebecca Restrepo, a makeup artist based in New York City. Brushing on powder leaves a polished finish.

6 Eyeliner

According to lifestyle news and makeup artists, easing into your eyes with the beauty of a classic dark liner is a great way to bring out your best look during your wedding day. You can clearly define a captivating gaze that is noticeable when posing for photos with your significant other, family and friends.

7 Define Brows and Curl Lashes

Defining your eyebrows and curling your lashes gives you a significant boost for the beauty and style of your eyes. According to Daniel Martin, a makeup artist in New York City, the two processes frame and open up the eyes. Hold an ash toned pencil horizontally to fill the brows. Use short quick strokes to apply color starting from the inner eye outward. Finally, blend with a brush.

8 Apply Cream and Shadow

New lifestyle trends highlight the importance of layering cream and shadow. Dab a shimmery beige cream onto your eyelids to lighten your eyes via its shiny flecks. After that, brush powder shadow from eyelashes to create. The cream below your eyelids works like a primer in ensuring that the powder stays put for longer. Use a matte hue that is a shade darker than a base shadow to sparkle beautifully. Add mascara to plump up fine hairs and form a tacky base for mishaps. Do this repeatedly using a water-resistant formula.

9 Cheeks and Lips

Your wedding can be a pale day with flash photography in a white dress, but with these warm hints of brilliant color, you can relive it forever. Brush your cheeks, forehead, and Nose Bridge on bronzer to keep your natural skin rosy from first glance to last dance.

10 Fill in Your Lips

You don’t have to outline your lips. Instead, rub a rose pencil starting from the middle of your mouth moving outward. This ensures that you get evenly shaded lips even if your lipstick wears off. Apply lipstick directly from the tube for most color and trace it with a concealer to prevent smudges.


Your wedding day look can tell much about your commitment in a relationship, and looking at you best is the greatest thing you should aim for. Luckily, the above ten tips will meet your beauty and style needs on the big occasion. Take photos when doing makeup for your wedding day to ensure that you come out perfectly.

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