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Canadian Pole Fitness Championships on June 4th

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BC pole fitness championships 2016

Two shows.  Eight divisions. One love for pole.

Tantra Fitness is proud to present the BC Pole Fitness Championships 2016 on Saturday, June 4th at The Annex in downtown Vancouver. We are excited to announce two new divisions this year, Entry level and Pole Art, for a total of 8 divisions! Watch as BC’s best pole dancers compete for #1 in their division and a seat in the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships.

Day Show Program 2pm-5pm

Entry level competitors

Men’s competitors

Amateur competitors

Pole art competitors

Night Show Program 6:30pm-9:30pm

Masters competitors

Doubles competitors

Semi pro competitors

Pro competitors

Location: The Annex, 823 Seymour Street Vancouver BC

For more information, Tantra Fitness Vancouver
314 Water Street, Vancouver BC, V6B 1B6
Phone: 604-738-7653, Email: vancouver@tantrafitness.com

website: www.tantrafitness.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/tantrafitness

Naomi Healy

2008年9月からカナダ人の主人とビクトリア市に住んでいます。趣味は漫画を読むこと、日本のテレビを見ること、アマゾン日本での買い物、ポールダンス、エアリアルフープのレッスンを受けること。その他は、可愛い物、猫と食べることが大好きです。もちろん美容にも関心があり、お金をかけなくても効果のあるコスメを使って自分なりに良かった物を紹介していきます。Hello everyone, my name is Naomi Healy and live in Victoria, BC since 2008 September with Canadian husband. My hobby are read japanese manga, watch japanese TV, on line shopping(Amazon Japan), take pole dance and aerial hoop lesson. Also I love pretty, cute things, cat and eat the foods. I'm very interest in latest beauty products and tips. I'd like to introduce the skin care and make up productus which are not expensive and effective producuts.

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