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5min Hair arrange tips that professional told us

Hair stylist Akane fromSalon esprittold us 5min easy arrange!

※Star rating show how hard is that style

【Easy up】
How hard?:☆
All you need is:Cute chou-chou

1,Tie your hair loose top knot.
2,Put chou-chou on it


How easy!

【Advanced loose Top Knot】
How hard?:☆☆
All you need is:hair tie・hair pin・chou-chou

1,Tie your hair up
写真 2 (4)

2,Pin your tip of hair into hair tie
写真 3 (3)

3,Cover up with chou-chou
写真 4 (2)

Don’t make it too tight,loose is current mood.

【Cozy half up】
How easy?:☆☆
All you need is:Hair tie・chou-chou

1,Take your side bangs and twist it.

2,Tie them up in back
写真 (3)

If you have twist feeling, you can flip your hair forward after step2.

3,Hide hair tie with chou-chou
写真 4 (3)

【Elegant up】
How hard?:☆☆☆
All you need is:Hair tie・Headband (Hair pin,if you need)

1,Put your headband on
写真 4 (5)

2,Make 2 braids each side, tie them up
写真 4 (4)

3,Hold hair tie used for braids in headband (if it’s too loose,use hair pin)
写真 2 (5)

Disentangle braids after you made them tight, easy to fix it.

How hard?:☆☆☆
All you need:Hair tie/chou-chou

1,Take both right and left side bang, twist into one
写真 (3)

2, Bring that hair one side whichever you like

3,Braid it,and tie it with hair tie and chou-chou
写真 (2)

Make it loose, tie it hard is not the mood. You can take out some lines by your fingers

Which one did you like the most?
Yo can try all of them one by one next week.

Thank you Akane and Leo!

Salon info
Salon Esprit
【Address】1344 Hornby st.

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