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6 Braided Creative Hair Looks from VFW F/W 2016

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We’ve seen tons of fabulous hair styles in the season of Vancouver Fashion Week in last March. Among them, particularly we should mention 6 remarkable braided hair styles.

These 6 not-so-basic looks will make your spring style upgraded!

Cornrows Crochet

Vancouver Fashion Week FW16, TIMELESS BY EYLLYE, Ed Ng Photography

Timeless by Eyllye showed us that cornrows aren’t dead. Fatten them up by splitting your hair into three or four sections then weave the strands before tying into a pony at the nape of your neck for an effortlessly urban flair. (Commented by VFW staff)

Slipknot Pony


This look may not actually be a braid, but it’s carefree bedhead vibe sure takes a twist on the simple ponytail. Simply knot a third of your mane around and up through your ponytail, secure with a bobby pin and you’re good to go. (Commented by VFW staff)

Braid Bang


A trend that’s no longer a trend, the braid bang is a modern gal’s staple. This one, spotted on Samantha Rei’s runway, was wrapped across the forehead and tugged apart for a wider flattened, “I wore my hair out like this last night” look. (Commented by VFW staff)

Shockwave Weave

Vancouver Fashion Week FW16, SAMANTHA REI, Ed Ng Photography

No need to strive for perfection with this one. Split your hair into four to five sections depending on thickness and weave away. Knot at the bottom, run your fingers through the braid to loosen up the interlace and crimp the ends for an electric look. (Commented by VFW staff)

Sparkle Factor


This may be one of the least boring braids we’ve seen. Melynda Valera turned up the volume with this chunky inside out braid gathered with a fishtail at the end. If this thick, gorgeous french braid wasn’t enough, she also threw gold glitter all over it. Festival staple? We’re going with yes. (Commented by VFW staff)

Twisted Fishtail

Vancouver Fashion Week FW16, MELYNDA VALERA, Ed Ng Photography

How the heck did they end up with a fishtail at the end of this? This intricate updo begins with two parallel french braids, weaves into a few knots and twists and finishes off with a tight flawless fishtail tied off with nothing but a tease. (Commented by VFW staff)

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