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Do you still throw them? ~Avocado seed tea~

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Do you like Avocados?

As you know it’s one of super food, good for health and beauty.


Not only nuts but also seeds have a benefit.

Avocado seeds has water soluble dietary fiber in it, and it helps bowel movement.

How do we get fiber from seeds? Make it tea.


Avocado seed : 1 (if it’s small size, use 2)

Water : 1L

1.Slice seed. Better to lay wet towel under seed to make it stable.
*be careful to not cut your fingers

2.Put water and seed into pot.
Simmer it with medium heat 30~40 minutes,until water colour turn into pinkish brown.

flavor is very nutty, might feel smell of soil.
If it’s too strong for you, I recommend to cool tea and add some Rooibos tea.
It helps making taste mild.


I don’t have bad constipate, but sometimes I feel it when I have stressful days.

When I drink Avocado seed tea, makes me want to go to washroom after half day ~ 1day.
if you don’t want to take colon cleanser, worth to try.


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